The Best Make Up Remover

      It's been so long since I last made a  blog post, but I am finally back with another on what I think is the best make up remover ever, and that is the Garnier micellar water. 

                                      I absolutely love this water and use it as a makeup remover and before cleansing my skin. I've gone through a good few bottles of this and still love it as much as I did the very first time I used it it's really easy to use I just simply pour some on a cotton pad and remove my make up. 

it's really gentle on the skin as well 

You can buy it from Superdrug, boots or most supermarkets. and retails for £4.99 but Superdrug are having a sale on Garnier skin care and is currently £3.29 

Buy it  Here

Thanks for reading and I will see you in my see you in my next post.

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Bomb Cosmetics Haul #2

Hi beauties last week i went into a shop that stocked bomb cosmetics items i originally went in for 1 bath bomb but low and behold i came out with exactly £20.10 worth of items but hey ho it's a great excuse for a blog post right :). 

 A little overview of the products i got this time ( because you know for sure i'll be back for some more goodies) .
First off i just want to say i get my bath bombs from another shop called bowtique that stocks the bomb cosmetics line which has a smaller selection than what they have online it's not a tiny selection but they don't stock everything.
Most of their bath products like the blasters and mallows have shea butter or other kinds of butters to leave your skin feeling really soft , and i can 100% say that my skin after i've had a bath with one of their products always feel super soft. 

This is "all that glitters" bath blaster and is £2.99 which   all the blasters are.
  It has a soft sweet scent that i couldn't put my finger on what it was but now i've found out it is cherry. It's not overly cherry sweet just a really nice subtle scent. 
What Bomb Cosmetics say: A glitter bomb full of surprises and cherry scents to leave you feeling sparkling! Unlock the Bergamot & Sweet Orange essential oils to awaken the senses as the natural butter prep your skin to party! 

This is the one i am most looking forward to trying out and seeing how pretty the water looks with the blue and pink. This is called "Blueberry Funday" and by god it smells amazing it's quite sweet but again not overpowing which i find with a lot of their scents their never really strong but just a nice subtle scent.  
It has a blueberry and raspberry sweet scent and if you live in the uk and you can get the ice cream from the ice cream man and it comes with raspberry sauce and sprinkles this is exactly what it smells like. 
What Bomb Cosmetics Say: Berries and ice cream whipped up into a funday sundae! Sprinkled with pure Sweet Orange and Neroli essential oils to stimulate the senses as the natural butters on top condition your skin. Drop into a warm bath and watch as your Bath Blaster fizzes away! 

This is a mallow which is enriched with cocoa and shea butter that slowly melts in the bath leaving your skin nourished and moisturized. This one is called "crazy chic"
To me it smells of vanilla and in a weird way fresh like a man body wash but every so slightly. 
What Bomb Cosmetics say:You are one Crazy Chic! A deep and exotic fine fragrance and pure Lavender and Geranium essential oils included to to try and calm some of your wilder excesses! Pure Cocoa and Shea butter abound and moisturise your skin. 

This one is called "Honey bee mine" and to me i can't actually smell honey it just has a fresh and clean scent and i have used this one and it leaves your water a bright yellow with gold glitter .
What Bomb Cosmetics say:Been stung? Our buzzy bee will capture your heart and mellow your mind, body and soul with its pure clary sage and ylang ylang essential oils to leave you feeling loved.

This one is "Ice Cream Funday" and smells like soft sweet creamy ice cream and just smells so nice.
What Bomb Cosmetics say:One scoop or two? With this ice cream inspired delight, the memories of summer days on the beach are all year round! Whipped with frankincense & Geranium essential oils, you’ll wish you had hundreds and thousands!

This is "night owl" and has a soft lavender scent and kind of smells like what you would imagine a nice little old lady's bathroom to smell like but it smells amazing and i can't wait to try it out especially when i've came home from work and need to relax. Plus the cute owl on the front gives it a bonus point hehe.
What Bomb Cosmetics say: Our little night owl brings you the purest Rosemary & Lavender essential oils to send you sleeping under the stars. With a white musk fragrance and a sweet twit-twoo you'll soon be in a silent slumber.

This is "pineapple expressed" and considering it's called pineapple it's not too in your face pineapple it just smells really subtle and sweet and also has a slight vanilla scent too.
What Bomb Cosmetics Say:
Everybody's laughing on the Pineapple Expressed! Juicy fun and freedom with pure bergamot and grapefruit essential oils to pick you up and post you happy!
Sweet & zesty pineapple with hints of Lemon & Orange. Creamy Vanilla comes through the base notes to close.

And lastly this is " Zero to Hero" and i'm not going to lie i only bought this because being a DC comic fan it really appealed to me but it does smell good it has a blue raspberry and bubblegum scent. 
What Bomb Cosmetics say: Let this supermallow transform you into a hero through the power of essential oils! With a bubblegum fragrance and pure Sweet Orange & Mandarin essential oils to send you up, up and away!

So there you have it it i hoped you enjoyed it and seeing what i got this time. Stay tuned for more becasuse there is so much stuff on their website that i can't wait to order. 
Thank You for reading have a lovely day/night.

Bath Blasters - £2.99
Bath Mallows - £2.99

Bomb Cosmetics website - Here

Jade x

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Review on Tanya Burr Cosmetics: The Soft Luxe Collection Eyeshadow Palette's

Hi Beauties.

So after what seems like forever Tanya has finally came out with some new products for her collection (Woohoo). And the soft luxe collection is by far my favourite yet, the collection consists of :

  • 2 Neutral Eye shadow palettes
  • 3 Matte Lip glosses  
  • 3 Matte Nail Polishes

I only have the eye shadows so far but i really want the matte glosses too , but I'm just waiting for them to come into my local superdrug so i can pick them off the shelf, The shades are a range of soft pastel colours.

 So these are the packaging and i have to say how cute are they, birthday suit is just that gorgeous copper colour that i find myself always being drawn too.  

Next we have the shadows in the palettes and as you can see they are very natural, you can go for a soft smokey look with these or you can go a little more dramatic but they will still be soft and natural. If you have Tanya's other palettes then you will know they are more dramatic and a little more bolder than these.

I have played around a little with them both and i just absolutely love them the colours are gorgeous there are 2 shimmers and 2 mattes in each palette and the shadows themselves are soft and buttery.

They are very long lasting with primer and i can only go off what they're like with primer as i have oily eyelids, so if i don't use primer shadows will just crease within like 40 minutes but with primer they do last all day.

So now we're up to the best bit the SWATCHES so first we have enchanted dream which has the more cooler tones. 

So 1. is Moonlit Walk which is a light copper colour not orange-y and not as light as a champagne colour it's right bang in the middle of both but it's a very pretty colour and it's also a shimmer.

2. Cocoa Plum which is a shimmery soft bronze/brown colour. 

3. Berry Souffle which as the name suggests is a soft matte plum perfect for a crease/transition shade, but it's not overly purple it has a slight brown hint to it as well.  

4. And lastly we have Magic Carpet which is a matte dark brown shade.

Birthday Suit is the warmer palette and my personal favourite Tanya has definitely out done herself with these palettes they're just both so pretty. 

1. Marzipan which is a shimmery nude pink/champagne-y colour and is so pretty.

2. Toast which is a matte light brown again perfect for a crease colour.

3. Cocoa Sugar which is my favourite out of the two palettes , it is a shimmery light brown but dark enough to show up and be able to build intensity up if you wish. If you think of brown sugar that is what this shade resembles. I Love It.

4. Soft Truffle which is a soft matte brown and not as dark as the brown in enchanted dream. 

Last Points to add: 

  • All the shades are really easily blendable  
  • Very Pigmented and soft
  • The names of the colours are amazing
  • Each palette is £5.99 
  • Also for the price of them they are amazing quality because some more affordable palettes have a nice price tag but the quality is not that great. 

You can but this collection at Superdrug or Feel Unique the palettes are £5.99 , glosses are £5.99 and nail polishes are £4.99 

So i think that is everything i hope you enjoyed this post and i definitely recommend these palettes and if Tanya is reading she probably isn't but if she is , then i just want to say well done to you and your team who worked on this collection the shadows are amazing and i am looking forward to getting the matte glosses too.

Thank you for reading.
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L'Oreal Paris Infallible Lip Gloss

Good Afternoon beauty bugs i am back with a product review on the  infallible lip glosses , *spoiler alert* i really love the 2 nude colours they are so pretty and incredibly shiny , the light just bounces off them and makes them look even more shiny which i love but without being sticky. 

There will be swatches and a video swatch too so i hope you enjoy. P.s the price is £6.99 in superdrug and boots and if you do want to buy them the colour on the sites look completely different then in person , so whether they've either put the wrong label on the ones i have or just the online colours don't look the same as in person so i would recommend going into a store to check them out.

How amazing do these look :) 

 So first off before we get into the best bits aka the swatches just want to show you the wand , I've never really saw a wand like this but its really nice there's like a small pool in the middle were it holds just the right amount of product , and the wand is very flexible too to get into every corner of the lips. 

What L'Oreal say:

The formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid and shine colour pigments, leaving lips hydrated lips with a high level of shine for a glossy look, without stickiness.
The lip shaper applicator contours and hugs lips for a perfect pout, all day.

Do i agree: 

I would say they are pretty hydrating they do leave the lips soft but there not a lip balm so doesn't leave them really soft but it's still a nice feel to the lips. 

100% agree they have a high level of shine their so shiny their almost sparkling bit i like that and they are not really sticky like most glosses. 

The applicator does get in all the corners of the lips but as for all day i don't agree with that they last a good amount of time but they don't last all day , the red does come off a little in the centre after eating but it's not obvious. 

Now were up to the good bit so from left to right is 505 (never let me go) ,   507 (resist me), 208 (Flash dance)  and 407 (Smoke me up) 

I love these 4 colours i love the nude shades for every day but i love the darker shades as well , i just love them all and definitely need more shades as there is soooo many colours to collect. 

505: Is a really subtle pink it's really natural and almost i hate to say it but "your lips but better" , it's a nice wash off pink across the lips but not in your face barbie pink. 

507: is still in the natural group is a light nude-y  brown  such a pretty colour you can just throw it on and know it looks great. The 505 & 507 are xtreme resist so they do last a bit longer then the other two , 208 is a dazzle so is super shiny and the red is a matte.

208: Is a dark plum shade and as it's a dazzle it's so shiny there all pretty shiny and reflect the light but this shade is more shinier than the rest and i love it. Its a perfect autumn/winter colour but there's no rules so rock it anytime of the year.

407: and lastly the matte red shade this isn't like any other matte shade I've came across because when you hear matte you automatically think of something really drying but this is amazing it almost feels like velvet and even though it looks matte on the lips when it dries it still feels hydrating and leaves the lips soft and not really dry. 
The only thing i will say about this is that you probably will need a lip liner with it as it can slightly feather outside the lips and also if you sometimes don't stay in the lines as i definitely don't have the steadiest hand then just having that lip liner will help alot. 

So i hope that wasn't to long of a post i just didn't want to leave anything out , like i said they are £6.99 in superdrug and boots ,There's so many more colours i want to and would absolutely recommend these glosses to anyone.

So if I've left anything out please do let me know.

Thank You for reading 

Jade xx
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First Impression: Make Up Revolution Brush Tool

Hi beauty bugs in today's post i'm going to be trying out the pro brush cleanse tool and see if it is any good and worth buying. Because if i'm being completely honest i hate cleaning my brushes especially face brushes as they take the longest. All prices and links were you can buy this will be at the end.

So it's really straight forward to use all you do is pop it on your index and middle finger , pour a bit of your chosen brush cleaner ( I use baby shampoo) onto the cleaner and just swirl your bristles round in circular and up and down motions. That is just what i found works best. 

A close up on what the tool looks like and like i said i normally hate washing my brushes because i have a lot of them so it takes a while , but with this it was so quick to clean the foundation brushes they only took a few minutes which is a vast improvement on the 15 or so minutes it used to take me per face brush. 

So my thoughts on this is that i do really like this tool , it cuts so much time of cleaning your brushes. The only downside to this tool is that when your cleaning your brushes it sometimes starts to slip down your finger , but it's not a major con and doesn't effect the result you get from it so it doesn't bother me i still like the overall product. 

You can buy this from Superdrug or the Make up revolution  website for £4.99.

I hope you found this helpful and i would definitely recommend this brush tool and worth the 4.99. I will see you in my next post.

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Updated DIY Lip Treatment

Hey Beauty Bugs!!! So this is a really easy and quick treatment to do and it's using things that are already in your home. 

So all you do is just apply some water to the lips so that your not rubbing the toothbrush on dry lips and then in circular motions scrub your lips for about 10 seconds just to prep the lips for the olive oil. 

Then apply the olive oil to the lips as if you were applying lip balm when you have a generous coat of oil on your lips , scrub your lips again the same way you just did and don't be too rough because you don't want to scrub them red raw. And you want to scrub them for about 1-2 minutes. ( That's roughly how much i scrub them for but obviously if your lips are getting sore then stop).

So that was hardly worth writing a post about but omg it really does work even just using the toothbrush on its own , but when you add the olive oil it's just so moisturizing and leaves my lips feeling baby soft. 

Thank you for reading and i will catch you in my next post.
Jade xx 

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