♥ Easy Sugar Lip Scrub ♥

Hey Everyone so today's post is a home made lip scrub , made with just two ingredients honey & sugar and that's it .  

So you just want to mix together honey & sugar ( You want more sugar than honey so its going to be more grainy and scrubby and not too runny which mine was on the picture above. But it still worked so you just need find the right consistency)

Apply to clean lips and just rub the scrub in to your lips with circular movements for 1-3 minutes , then you can either lick it off or take a damp cloth and with warm water gently wipe it off ( I prefer the latter :) 

And for extra softness and this is totally optional you can take a toothbrush and gently ( because you don't want to rub your lips red raw) exfoliate your lips for an added boost , and that combined will leave your lips feeling silky smooth.

So there you go i hope you enjoyed this post and you give it a try , if you do comment down below to let me know how you found it. So thank you for reading and until next time.
xoxo Jade
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♥ GlossyBox Haul/What I Got In It ♥

Hey everyone so finally I'm doing this post ( Ive been ill for a bit ) but now I'm back to writing blog posts and I'm going to kick it off with what i got in my glossy box.  Also the boxes themselves are great , it sounds weird but its a good quality box and not a flimsy box and also the boxes can be reused to store make up and etc. in. So they have multipurpose uses hehe.

In case you don't know what glossy box is it is a subscription service where they give you five sample size products , ( and sometimes they send full size products) and you can choose to pay yearly , quarterly or monthly which is only £10 and the boxes you get are worth so much more than that.

* So this is an overview of what you get in it ( plus you get a card with all the products on their description and the prices of them. I love the lip balm and the packaging is so pretty.

* So up first is the Got 2b All Star 10 in 1 Styling Treatment Its described as : Shinier, stronger, thicker, smoother, more supple, frizz-free, heat and humidity-proof hair – phew, all you hair problems sorted at the same time. Depending on length, apply 2–6 pumps through damp hair then use a hair dryer or diffuser to set your style. ( This smells amazing , and is £4.07 for full size which i don't think this is but its a great price if you really loved this)

Next is the Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk Razor : With a water-activated bar of Moisturising Serum infused with marine extracts and Shea butter, this razor hydrates skin for up to 2 hours after shaving and the five blades leave legs super soft.
Shave legs at the end of a shower to allow time for the water to soften stubble and open hair follicles for a smoother shave ( This comes with a little sucker thing that sticks on your shower/bathroom wall to allow the razor to sit in the little holder and this is £9.99 and is a full size product)

* This is the So Susan - Rose Quartet Lip & Cheek Palette :   Pretty pinks or bold crimson, this versatile palette has a match for either mood. Match lips and cheeks for a uniform polish or be brave and clash red lips with fuchsia cheeks ( The Colours in this are really pretty personally i don't think i will use these for my cheeks but for lips they are really nice like a tinted lip balm kind of thing. And is £8.00) 

* On The left is the MARSK mineral eyeshadow In the colour fifty shades: With a colour palette inspired by that film, this mineral powder-based eye shadow is 100% natural and highly pigmented so it packs a punch. For a deeper, more intense shade apply with a wet brush.( This is a really gorgeous silver colour and is £14.49) 

And Lastly Is the Royal Apothic - Tinties Lip Butter : We discovered this quirky brand in Los Angeles. Inspired by an old apothecary manual, it’s now a celebrity favourite with Victoria Beckham rumoured to be a fan. These pretty pots contain Shea butter and a trio of oils (argan, grape seed, almond) to nourish lips ( I love the packaging to this the little pot is so adorable and perfect for your dressing table. Also its a really nice coral colour and its so soft and nourishing on the lips. I love it. And it is £9.00

So there it is my first glossy box and it was a hit ,some products Ive tried others i haven't fully tested them out but so far i love it and definitely worth more than the £10 i paid for it. 

So thank you for reading and until next time
xoxo Jade
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♥ Where Have I Been ♥

Hey Guy's sorry that I have been really MIA lately. But i have been really ill i have had a bad case of tonsillitis and now I'm just left with a pretty bad cough tho it is now getting better which is a good thing. So i have been feeling a little like this picture ( how cute is it though). But thankfully i am on the mend and will be back to writing blog posts. I have quite a few coming up so that will make up for the lack of posts. 

  • Glossybox Haul/What I got in It.
  • Quick and Easy natural lip scrub
  • A huge haul with swatches 

So stay tuned for those and thanks for reading
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♥ Drugstore Foundation Routine ♥

Hello everyone so as i said in my last post (you can read it here My Last Post if you haven't already) I'm going to be sharing my foundation routine that comes in at £7.20 (Yes that's right) and it includes foundation , concealer and powder. And I'll be posting a few pictures too.

 * This is the matte perfect shine control foundation by MUA for Superdrug ( In fair in case you wanted to know you probably don't but you never know :) and let me just tell you i am massively massively in love with this foundation It's amazing i love it and it's only £2 yes £2. The formula is great its not too thin and not too thick like some other foundations , it really blends well and i can only speak for how it works with my skin but it doesn't dry too fast and i mean that in a good way. It gives you time to blend and do what you want with it.

( Little fun fact about this foundation i only bought it the first time because i stayed my boyfriends back in august and ran out of my loreal true match foundation which i did love but i only had like £5 on me and i knew that MUA had foundation for roughly this price and when i went into Superdrug i saw this one and just got it. To be perfectly honest i didn't think it was going to be that good because it was so cheap but low and behold it's my favourite foundation yet and this is like my 3rd or 4th tube of it so far.)

 Next is the lasting perfection concealer by collection 2000 ( again in fair) and i saw a lot of good things about this on youtube and gave it a go i actually bought this in a darker colour some time last year and because it wasn't the right colour i hated it. But i really wanted to try it again and give it another go because so many people was raving about it and i actually got the lightest colour that they have ( i use it as a under eye highlighter). And I did fall in love with this as well (after getting the right colour) it's really creamy but not too thick , the coverage is great it really lives up to its name as a concealer. ( when i used the darker one it literally did cover anything). So it gets a big thumbs up from me and this is £4.19 so a really good price.

This powder is only £1 by MUA and it's a pressed powder in shade 1 ( the only thing i would say is that there aren't very many colours in the foundation and powders etc so it may be harder to match your skin tone but they are so affordable that you can mix shades and it won't cost you a bomb so it's really not a massive problem). Pressed powders are pretty basic i think its gives good coverage without being too cakey (providing you don't really pack it on most powders can get cakey quite quickly if you put too much on.) while taking the oiliness out of my skin as my skin does tend to get oily throughout the day and it also sets my foundation well. As i said there's not much to say about powders as there quite basic staple but it does what you want it too and is a really good powder. 

 Here is how they all look together after 5 hours ( i forgot to take a picture when i applied it ) but even after 5 hours it still holds up really well and definitely does last all day). With the foundation it is best to work in thin layers , as once i did just put loads on thinking oh it will be better coverage but it took forever smooth out properly. So definitely thin layers is best , as you can see from the above picture my skin is not perfect i have quite a lot of red pigmentation spots and even though my skin is getting better this covers them really well. I use a thin layer all over then put a little bit more in the places i need more coverage. It looks natural and not too cakey. Also the foundation does not transfer which is unheard of for me every foundation Ive had has transferred when Ive lent on something but not this one. 

And lastly just a swatch of the foundation (on the left) and concealer (on the right). So the round everything up i love all 3 of these products and for a great price too , they will be a top staple in my foundation routine for a while to come. So that is my routine i hope you liked it and found it some what informative if you've tried any of these let me know whether you liked it or not I'd love to hear from you. You can tweet me on @missjadehornby and my instagram is jadehornbyxx.

Thanks for reading.
xoxo Jade 

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♥ A New Me ♥

So as you can tell from the title of this post , today is the start of the rest of my life ( excuse my cheesy pun). I've struggled with my weight for a while in school i thought i was huge and when i look back now I'd do anything to be back at that weight again. Anyway back to what i was saying. I want to loose 105 pounds which sounds like a lot and it is but then ill be a healthy weight. So I'm going to get back on track with myfitnesspal were you can track your calories , protein etc.. and the dreaded exercise but atlas it has to be done. Also I'll be making a post each week letting you all know how I've got on. Hoping this will keep me accountable. I'm going to my sanctuary right now ( Pintrest I just love this Site) to find some great recipes. If you have any healthy recipes that you love then do let me know. 
Thank you for reading this post my next post will be a foundation routine for under £10 so stay tuned for that.
xoxo Jade
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♥ 50 Random Facts About Me ♥

Hey Everyone so i'm trying to get back into blogging as it's something i do love this is a blog i started last year and completly forgot about it. I feel so guilty hehe so i'm going to kick it off with the random facts tag (blogger edition) so you can get to know me a little bit better. 

  1. I am 5ft 3.
  2. I love to read , i am a massive book worm.
  3. I am addicted to pintrest and i swear if i could i would spend all day just browsing through it. Pinning random things.
  4. I love anything that sparkles (I just love sparkly , glitterly things).
  5. The Vampire Diaries is my all time favourite tv-show ( I have all the dvds and everything hehe).
  6. Sticking with the vampire diaries, i have a huge crush on Ian Somerhalder , i mean who doesn't he's gorgeous.
  7. I am a pretty bad speller ..... Sorrrrryyy.
  8. Dexter is another one of my favourite shows after my bf introducted me to it . i'm only up to season 4 but i LOVE it.
  9. I have really thick , dry unruly hair even though it drives me mad i should be grateful as some people pay hundreds to have thick hair.
  10. I HATE  mice and rats seriously just writing this is creeping me out and sending shivers down my spine so i'm going to move on.
  11. I don't like most cheeses or any dish with cheese in.
  12. I can't swim
  13. Dolly Parton is my gulity pleasure , i love her music.
  14. I love disney films ( preferbly disney princess films)
  15. Belle is my favourite princess ( i just love her big yelow dress)
  16. My favourite disney films are frozen, beauty & the beast , tangeled and the little mermaid. There's just too many to pick just one.
  17. My favoutite Starburst are the cherry one's.
  18. I love Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.
  19. Which is weird because a few years ago when i was in school i hated peanut butter.
  20. I love Ariana Grande's Voice i could listen to her voice all day it's so powerful and amazing.
  21. Tatooed Heart Is my Favourite song by her.
  22. The SacconeJolys are my favourite daily vloggers on youtube. (If You watch youtube then you will know who i mean if not type them into youtube and you will love them i promise).
  23. If i'm drink alcohol i only drink vodka i just don't like anything else apart from the honey jack daniels thats really nice too. ( it's totally legal in the UK for anyone who didnt know).
  24. Im 20 years old.
  25. I have all of Trisha Paytas's Book and love her so much. (Again Another Youtuber).
  26. Red Velvet is my favourite type of cake.
  27. I love horror films.
  28. But I can't watch them on my own at night through the day i'm fine but not on my own at night i get too creeped out.
  29. Scream is my favourite scary film ( I know its not really scary but i still love it ).
  30. I love old films.
  31. Marylin Monroe & Audrey Hepburn are my favourite old hollywood film stars. ( Favourite films of theirs are gentlemen prefer blondes and breakfast at Tiffany's).
  32. I'm Addicted to buying books if i have the money and i see a book i really like i have to buy it. I don't know why but i just do (i'ts a probelm hehe).
  33. I dye my hair myself. 
  34. I hate the taste of celery.
  35. I love yankee candles ( christmas cookie is my all time favourite scent.
  36. My favourite song at the moment is Mark Ronson's uptown funk I LOVE IT....
  37. I don't have any tattooes and don't plan on having any ( I'm just such a baby when it come to pain ).
  38. My Star Sign is Taurus
  39. This is my Favourite Positive Messege. Never Give up.
  40. Im currently reading the first twilight book.
  41. I love costume jewelry.
  42. I Love Harry Potter Films.
  43. But never managed to read the books.
  44. I love just putting my headphones in and getting lost in the music.
  45. That's another reason why i love to read , you can just get lost in a great story.
  46. I love notebooks. 
  47. And I love to make lists and write things down.
  48.  I have met Katie Price twice when i went to 2 of her book signings. ( It Was Great).
  49. I hate Being cold.
  50. And last but not least i over think everything and it's something i need to stop doing. Hence why i don't watch horror films on my own at night becasuse i'll start to over think it and be like but what if they come from me and i get so creeped out. ( Yep i'm pretty weird like that).

So that was 50 random facts about me i hope you liked it and untill next time thank you so much for reading.
Jade xx


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The Villa Girls By Nicky Pellegrino

* Disclaimer So i just want to say that i made these notes down while i was reading the book so a couple you may notice are in the past tense.*

The first thing i will say is the way the writter describes italy is just amazing the way she goes into detail of the food, the places it just makes you want to hop onto a plane and take the next flight there. And i really couldn't put this book down which is a great sign of a amazing book.

So the first thing is that the story gives across 2 sides, Enzo an Italian hunk and one day will become heir to his family's olive estate and Rosie an faired skinned English girl who parents died in a car crash  and is pretty reluctant to changes. 

So what brings these two completely different people together love? or is it just a holiday romance. After being invited to Majorca after they leave school by some classmates who she has never really spoken to much but they do feel sorry for her after just loosing her parents. And having a great time they start wondering whether in a couple years they'll still be in touch after they all plan to go to work/uni. They nickname themselves The Villa Girls and with the promise of another villa holiday in Italy in three years , i mean a lot can happen in three years can't it

 I mean as i was reading this you can sort of see it coming that Rosie and Enzo will meet and fall madly in love with each other :). Lets see  if I'm right , so they do meet and have a really nice holiday romance but just as everything seems to be going well something happens *i wont spill all don't worry * with Enzo's family leaving Rosie to think did she really know this man at all and flies home from Italy early without saying goodbye to Enzo.

Can they re-kindle their romance and work the whole long distance thing it would be pretty hard to as Rosie is in London and Enzo in Italy or will they never see each other again.

On a better note Rosie finally finds what she wants to go a food styler but is that a wise choice for somebody who is starting to battle with their weight. ( which if you didn't know its like arranging the food so it looks nice to take pictures for magazines , books etc)

One of the girls needs to getaway and what other way than back to ITALY. Its been about 5 years since they was last there. Their not staying in the same place as they did but its not that far away either ,will they bump into Enzo if so what will happen can they pick up where they left off or has too much happened.

Meanwhile Enzo putting in all the hard work on his estate goes out for a drink and sees Rosie sat there , he tries to forget about her as hes planning to marry someone else but can he really forget that cute English girl that stole his heart all those years ago.

Rosie keeps telling herself when they get back to England that she doesn't need a boyfriend shes happy on her own and that's the way she like it , That is until one day a letter arrives from Enzo asking to see her and explain some things. So Rosie does what anybody does jumps on a plane and goes to Italy , can that one letter change everything for the better or is it Ciao to Rosie and Enzo's happily ever after. 

So in a nutshell i absolutely loved this book , really hooked you in and like i said i couldn't put this book down which is a good sign of a great book. Well done Nicky an amazing book i think there's a few books with these characters in so i cant wait to read those. 10/10.

So there you are i hope you enjoyed this review and thank you for reading,


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