♥ 50 Random Facts About Me ♥

Hey Everyone so i'm trying to get back into blogging as it's something i do love this is a blog i started last year and completly forgot about it. I feel so guilty hehe so i'm going to kick it off with the random facts tag (blogger edition) so you can get to know me a little bit better. 

  1. I am 5ft 3.
  2. I love to read , i am a massive book worm.
  3. I am addicted to pintrest and i swear if i could i would spend all day just browsing through it. Pinning random things.
  4. I love anything that sparkles (I just love sparkly , glitterly things).
  5. The Vampire Diaries is my all time favourite tv-show ( I have all the dvds and everything hehe).
  6. Sticking with the vampire diaries, i have a huge crush on Ian Somerhalder , i mean who doesn't he's gorgeous.
  7. I am a pretty bad speller ..... Sorrrrryyy.
  8. Dexter is another one of my favourite shows after my bf introducted me to it . i'm only up to season 4 but i LOVE it.
  9. I have really thick , dry unruly hair even though it drives me mad i should be grateful as some people pay hundreds to have thick hair.
  10. I HATE  mice and rats seriously just writing this is creeping me out and sending shivers down my spine so i'm going to move on.
  11. I don't like most cheeses or any dish with cheese in.
  12. I can't swim
  13. Dolly Parton is my gulity pleasure , i love her music.
  14. I love disney films ( preferbly disney princess films)
  15. Belle is my favourite princess ( i just love her big yelow dress)
  16. My favourite disney films are frozen, beauty & the beast , tangeled and the little mermaid. There's just too many to pick just one.
  17. My favoutite Starburst are the cherry one's.
  18. I love Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.
  19. Which is weird because a few years ago when i was in school i hated peanut butter.
  20. I love Ariana Grande's Voice i could listen to her voice all day it's so powerful and amazing.
  21. Tatooed Heart Is my Favourite song by her.
  22. The SacconeJolys are my favourite daily vloggers on youtube. (If You watch youtube then you will know who i mean if not type them into youtube and you will love them i promise).
  23. If i'm drink alcohol i only drink vodka i just don't like anything else apart from the honey jack daniels thats really nice too. ( it's totally legal in the UK for anyone who didnt know).
  24. Im 20 years old.
  25. I have all of Trisha Paytas's Book and love her so much. (Again Another Youtuber).
  26. Red Velvet is my favourite type of cake.
  27. I love horror films.
  28. But I can't watch them on my own at night through the day i'm fine but not on my own at night i get too creeped out.
  29. Scream is my favourite scary film ( I know its not really scary but i still love it ).
  30. I love old films.
  31. Marylin Monroe & Audrey Hepburn are my favourite old hollywood film stars. ( Favourite films of theirs are gentlemen prefer blondes and breakfast at Tiffany's).
  32. I'm Addicted to buying books if i have the money and i see a book i really like i have to buy it. I don't know why but i just do (i'ts a probelm hehe).
  33. I dye my hair myself. 
  34. I hate the taste of celery.
  35. I love yankee candles ( christmas cookie is my all time favourite scent.
  36. My favourite song at the moment is Mark Ronson's uptown funk I LOVE IT....
  37. I don't have any tattooes and don't plan on having any ( I'm just such a baby when it come to pain ).
  38. My Star Sign is Taurus
  39. This is my Favourite Positive Messege. Never Give up.
  40. Im currently reading the first twilight book.
  41. I love costume jewelry.
  42. I Love Harry Potter Films.
  43. But never managed to read the books.
  44. I love just putting my headphones in and getting lost in the music.
  45. That's another reason why i love to read , you can just get lost in a great story.
  46. I love notebooks. 
  47. And I love to make lists and write things down.
  48.  I have met Katie Price twice when i went to 2 of her book signings. ( It Was Great).
  49. I hate Being cold.
  50. And last but not least i over think everything and it's something i need to stop doing. Hence why i don't watch horror films on my own at night becasuse i'll start to over think it and be like but what if they come from me and i get so creeped out. ( Yep i'm pretty weird like that).

So that was 50 random facts about me i hope you liked it and untill next time thank you so much for reading.
Jade xx


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