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Hello everyone so as i said in my last post (you can read it here My Last Post if you haven't already) I'm going to be sharing my foundation routine that comes in at £7.20 (Yes that's right) and it includes foundation , concealer and powder. And I'll be posting a few pictures too.

 * This is the matte perfect shine control foundation by MUA for Superdrug ( In fair in case you wanted to know you probably don't but you never know :) and let me just tell you i am massively massively in love with this foundation It's amazing i love it and it's only £2 yes £2. The formula is great its not too thin and not too thick like some other foundations , it really blends well and i can only speak for how it works with my skin but it doesn't dry too fast and i mean that in a good way. It gives you time to blend and do what you want with it.

( Little fun fact about this foundation i only bought it the first time because i stayed my boyfriends back in august and ran out of my loreal true match foundation which i did love but i only had like £5 on me and i knew that MUA had foundation for roughly this price and when i went into Superdrug i saw this one and just got it. To be perfectly honest i didn't think it was going to be that good because it was so cheap but low and behold it's my favourite foundation yet and this is like my 3rd or 4th tube of it so far.)

 Next is the lasting perfection concealer by collection 2000 ( again in fair) and i saw a lot of good things about this on youtube and gave it a go i actually bought this in a darker colour some time last year and because it wasn't the right colour i hated it. But i really wanted to try it again and give it another go because so many people was raving about it and i actually got the lightest colour that they have ( i use it as a under eye highlighter). And I did fall in love with this as well (after getting the right colour) it's really creamy but not too thick , the coverage is great it really lives up to its name as a concealer. ( when i used the darker one it literally did cover anything). So it gets a big thumbs up from me and this is £4.19 so a really good price.

This powder is only £1 by MUA and it's a pressed powder in shade 1 ( the only thing i would say is that there aren't very many colours in the foundation and powders etc so it may be harder to match your skin tone but they are so affordable that you can mix shades and it won't cost you a bomb so it's really not a massive problem). Pressed powders are pretty basic i think its gives good coverage without being too cakey (providing you don't really pack it on most powders can get cakey quite quickly if you put too much on.) while taking the oiliness out of my skin as my skin does tend to get oily throughout the day and it also sets my foundation well. As i said there's not much to say about powders as there quite basic staple but it does what you want it too and is a really good powder. 

 Here is how they all look together after 5 hours ( i forgot to take a picture when i applied it ) but even after 5 hours it still holds up really well and definitely does last all day). With the foundation it is best to work in thin layers , as once i did just put loads on thinking oh it will be better coverage but it took forever smooth out properly. So definitely thin layers is best , as you can see from the above picture my skin is not perfect i have quite a lot of red pigmentation spots and even though my skin is getting better this covers them really well. I use a thin layer all over then put a little bit more in the places i need more coverage. It looks natural and not too cakey. Also the foundation does not transfer which is unheard of for me every foundation Ive had has transferred when Ive lent on something but not this one. 

And lastly just a swatch of the foundation (on the left) and concealer (on the right). So the round everything up i love all 3 of these products and for a great price too , they will be a top staple in my foundation routine for a while to come. So that is my routine i hope you liked it and found it some what informative if you've tried any of these let me know whether you liked it or not I'd love to hear from you. You can tweet me on @missjadehornby and my instagram is jadehornbyxx.

Thanks for reading.
xoxo Jade 

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