♥ Easy Sugar Lip Scrub ♥

Hey Everyone so today's post is a home made lip scrub , made with just two ingredients honey & sugar and that's it .  

So you just want to mix together honey & sugar ( You want more sugar than honey so its going to be more grainy and scrubby and not too runny which mine was on the picture above. But it still worked so you just need find the right consistency)

Apply to clean lips and just rub the scrub in to your lips with circular movements for 1-3 minutes , then you can either lick it off or take a damp cloth and with warm water gently wipe it off ( I prefer the latter :) 

And for extra softness and this is totally optional you can take a toothbrush and gently ( because you don't want to rub your lips red raw) exfoliate your lips for an added boost , and that combined will leave your lips feeling silky smooth.

So there you go i hope you enjoyed this post and you give it a try , if you do comment down below to let me know how you found it. So thank you for reading and until next time.
xoxo Jade
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