The Villa Girls By Nicky Pellegrino

* Disclaimer So i just want to say that i made these notes down while i was reading the book so a couple you may notice are in the past tense.*

The first thing i will say is the way the writter describes italy is just amazing the way she goes into detail of the food, the places it just makes you want to hop onto a plane and take the next flight there. And i really couldn't put this book down which is a great sign of a amazing book.

So the first thing is that the story gives across 2 sides, Enzo an Italian hunk and one day will become heir to his family's olive estate and Rosie an faired skinned English girl who parents died in a car crash  and is pretty reluctant to changes. 

So what brings these two completely different people together love? or is it just a holiday romance. After being invited to Majorca after they leave school by some classmates who she has never really spoken to much but they do feel sorry for her after just loosing her parents. And having a great time they start wondering whether in a couple years they'll still be in touch after they all plan to go to work/uni. They nickname themselves The Villa Girls and with the promise of another villa holiday in Italy in three years , i mean a lot can happen in three years can't it

 I mean as i was reading this you can sort of see it coming that Rosie and Enzo will meet and fall madly in love with each other :). Lets see  if I'm right , so they do meet and have a really nice holiday romance but just as everything seems to be going well something happens *i wont spill all don't worry * with Enzo's family leaving Rosie to think did she really know this man at all and flies home from Italy early without saying goodbye to Enzo.

Can they re-kindle their romance and work the whole long distance thing it would be pretty hard to as Rosie is in London and Enzo in Italy or will they never see each other again.

On a better note Rosie finally finds what she wants to go a food styler but is that a wise choice for somebody who is starting to battle with their weight. ( which if you didn't know its like arranging the food so it looks nice to take pictures for magazines , books etc)

One of the girls needs to getaway and what other way than back to ITALY. Its been about 5 years since they was last there. Their not staying in the same place as they did but its not that far away either ,will they bump into Enzo if so what will happen can they pick up where they left off or has too much happened.

Meanwhile Enzo putting in all the hard work on his estate goes out for a drink and sees Rosie sat there , he tries to forget about her as hes planning to marry someone else but can he really forget that cute English girl that stole his heart all those years ago.

Rosie keeps telling herself when they get back to England that she doesn't need a boyfriend shes happy on her own and that's the way she like it , That is until one day a letter arrives from Enzo asking to see her and explain some things. So Rosie does what anybody does jumps on a plane and goes to Italy , can that one letter change everything for the better or is it Ciao to Rosie and Enzo's happily ever after. 

So in a nutshell i absolutely loved this book , really hooked you in and like i said i couldn't put this book down which is a good sign of a great book. Well done Nicky an amazing book i think there's a few books with these characters in so i cant wait to read those. 10/10.

So there you are i hope you enjoyed this review and thank you for reading,


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