♥ Huge MUA Haul Pt.1: Lips ♥

 Hey guys so I'm back ( finally) but boy am I back with a bang. I have a huge haul for you but I'll proberly end up splitting it into 2 or even 3 posts.So this is a MUA haul which here in the UK is exclusively to superdrug , and after tonsillitis I wanted to cheer myself up , so I did what every make up addict does and ordered a whole bunch of make up. ( What can I say I love it) Also I'll put the prices at the end in case you want anything they are all very affordable. 

* So these are the general lipsticks from their collection and they are in the colours from left to right Shade 16 (a orangy coral) , Shade 2 (a purply pink almost a nude purple) and Shade 3 (Hot Pink but a wearable colour it's not too bright). 

* These are the swatches and the thing I absolutely love about these lipsticks is that they have a real buttery smooth feel to them so they aren't really drying on your lips.

* I'll let you in to a little secret if you screw off the bottom of the lipstick they reveal a little pot of a don't really know what it is a lip balm stain kind of thing. Whatever it is it's great (I Love Secret Things). At First I thought I broke it and I thought great I've not even had it a couple hours and I've bloody broke it. So if you didn't know check your lipstick for your pot of surprise. However I think its a new thing because I have 2 of these lipsticks but I got them a while ago and they don't reveal anything :(  just bear that in mind. 

So these are pretty new to the MUA line and they are the whipped velvet , The Texture to these are amazing the go on kind of glossy but not really glossy then dry to a quite matte feeling. They are just amazing I  love them and the nude colour can also be a cheaper alternative to the famous Kylie Jenner nude lip ( I got a whole post dedicated to that so stay tuned).

* From L-R Ritzy (dark hot pink if that makes any sense) , Chi Chi (coral) and Spry ( The most gorgeous nude colour ever).  If you haven't tried them you should I can't even say how great they are , also they did have a couple more colours but these are just the one's I wanted to try most.

*These are the power pout colour intense tint and balm and the last one is the lip boom that Alexandra Burke did for MUA. Also the second one is actually an eye shadow stick but I always forget and put it with these because they look so similar. And the texture to the tint and balm is really nice because they are a balm and also really moisturising and pretty pigmented for a balm. they are similar to the baby lips but slightly more pigmented. 

* From Top to bottom is the power tint and balm in the colour in crazy in love which a (deep reddish colour) , the Colour blast eye shadow tint in the shade loud ( dark purple) , the power tint and balm in the colour irreplaceable (which is a really pretty lightish pink colour) and the lip boom in the shade let me know which is (a deep deep purple) lipstick and the other end has a shimmer lipgloss which you put all over for a really sparkly look or apply to the centre of the lips to make your lips look fuller and go boom like the name suggests. :)

* Next is lip glosses and my favourite is the red one it's so pigmented and not super glossy it's almost like a liquid lipstick. It's amazing.

*From L-R the intense kisses high intensity gloss in pucker up ( a pillar box red) and it's really nice on the lips , next is just the basic lipgloss and its in the shade 1 ( and its a really pretty shimmer pink that would look really nice layered over any light-medium pink lipstick , then the intense kisses again in the shade kiss and make-up (a brown nude colour slightly more on the brown side but still really pretty) and last is the sheer finish lipgloss in too much fun (a hot pink colour) which again would look nice layered over a bright/bold pink lipstick.

 Lipsticks : £1.00
Whipped Velvets :£3.00
Power Pout Tint & Balm : Should be £3.00 they are on offer For £1.00  in the MUA Winter Sale on their site.
Colour Blast Eye shadow : £3.00 Now £1.00
Lip Boom: £3.00 Now £0.80
Intense Kisses Lip gloss: £2.00 Now £0.75
MUA Lip gloss: £1.00 Now £0.50
Sheer Finish Lip gloss: £1.00 Now £0.50

So this is part one which is just all lip products so next will be eye products.
So Thank You for Reading and I will see you next time.

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