♥ Huge MUA Haul Pt.3 : Face ♥

Hey Guys so as promised here is the last and final post in my haul , which is all the face products I bought (P.s the highlighter is amazing). 

* So this is the matte perfect foundation I used in my foundation routine and this is my holy grail foundation , and I'm not going to talk about it because i talked about it a lot more in that post which you can check out here.

* Now this is the prime & and conceal pro - base green concealer and it's good for me because I have a lot of redness in my skin and this balances it out perfectly.. The only downside is that I don't think you get a lot of product in it , because I had only used it once and the second time I'd used it and bearing in mind I did use my foundation brush to apply it and maybe that's why but then I noticed I'd already hit pan a little bit. Other than that the product itself is great.

* The first one is just the basic pressed powder and the other two are just the basic bronzer from this range there is no name for it there just called bronzer in the shades one and two and I believe that is the only two colours they do. The pressed powder is in the colour translucent and it's really good and because it's translucent it just looks so much better over my foundation than the actual coloured powder and I prefer a matte finish with my foundation so I do wear a fair bit of this and it does keep me matte for a good couple of hours and for literally £1 you can't grumble. 

The bronzer's are also a good product I didn't know which colour I would like best so I got both and the lighter one is the best for my skin if applied with a light hand it can look natural and glow-y , also they are a little on the orange-y side so if you don't like that you may not like these.

* These are two blushers in the shade 2 which is the pinky peachy colour and the other is in shade 5 which is the orangy peachy shade , I wanted these because normally I wear pink blusher and because I have a lot of redness and blemishes that sometimes are still visible through my foundation. I thought the pink blushers emphasize that so I wanted a couple peachy shades. I've tried these a couple times and look nice on the skin , especially the one on the left. 

* Now I'm just sure if you can see this swatch but this the shimmer kiss bronzer but to me it's much more of a highlighter than a bronzer , it's just a nice peachy shimmer powder. 

* I absolutely love this highlighter and it is the undress your skin shimmer highlighter and it's just the pinky coloured one they also have a champagne/yellow coloured one too. This just gives a beautiful glow to the skin that also looks natural. And not obvious you've just applied a lot of highlighter. It's a really pretty colour and I honestly think if you tried this you will love it.

So this was the last instalment of this haul , pheww I hope you enjoyed reading these and if you have any post requests then feel free to either comment down below or send me a messege on twitter it's @missjadehornby and i'll see you in by next post.
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