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Hi beauty bugs! ( Do you like the name). So I wanted to do this post on my journey with braces just in case any of you have braces, want them or just curious on what it's like to have them. 

Right so there are a few different types of braces and they are:

  • Metal Braces and these are sometimes known as track braces like the picture at the side. 
  • Clear/Ceramic Braces and these are similar to the picture at the side but without the brackets (The square metal bits on each tooth).
  • Lingual Braces which are similar to metal braces but there on the back of your teeth and not on the front.
  • Clear Braces and invisalign, which are pretty self explanatory they are braces that you can't see and look invisible.
So they are the different types I had the metal braces and I had them on for a little over 2 and a half years. I had to have a special fluoride toothpaste that was prescribed by my dentist because my teeth wasn't strong enough to be able to keep getting tightened , and because of this I had 2 small holes in my teeth nothing major and you cant see them now.

So like I said they had to be tightened every 6 weeks and I'm not going to lie I hated getting them tightened because a few hours after they become sore and I couldn't eat properly only soft foods or foods that wasn't crunchy for like day or two. 

But my teeth wasn't really bad to begin with they just wasn't straight and 2 of my teeth grew onto my gums and not in line with the rest. Things to avoid when you have braces are fizzy pops or any drinks that are really sugary , hard foods like apples etc as these can snap the wire or really chewy foods such as toffee for the same reason. 

Now that my braces have been taken off I have retainers which are a removable brace that you either wear on a night/day and take it out when you eat and drink. And if you have a retainer then it's crucial to wear it because if you don't your teeth can move back to the way they was , and then you've gone through all the trouble of having braces and taking care of them for nothing. I wear mine on a night so that's like 8/9 hours, when I first got it I had to wear it for 24hrs and then only on a night. And your dentist will tell you how to clean them.

Make sure you are taking a little extra care of your teeth when you have braces and I'm not saying brush them 5 times a day but just take a few extra minutes to brush them than you would without your braces and if you can use mouthwash then that's a bonus on getting super clean teeth , I personally can't use mouthwash as I start to get an itchy rash and my orthodontist said it wasn't the be all and end all so if you can't use mouthwash then don't worry about it.

So there you are I hope I've covered everything about braces and if you have any questions that I haven't covered then either leave me a comment down below or tweet me at @missjadehornby. And I'll do my best to answer it. 
Thank You for reading and I'll see you in my next post
Byeee xx
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