♥ False Nails On A Budget ♥

Hi beauty bugs, So prom season is coming up soon and your going to want to look amazing and if your on a budget or just don't want to spend money going to the salon then I've got the thing for you.  I love these nails they are affordable and you get quite a lot of nails in the pack too. I've used mine a couple times so you do get more than what mine shows.

 So these are what the ones I picked up they are the short square ones and even though they are the short ones I still cut them down a little bit so they are more manageable but that's just my preference. They do last quite a good amount of time about a week until the odd one starts falling off. And if you want to take them off get a cotton ball or anything similar and soak it in nail polish remover and put it on the nail and wrap tin foil (aluminium foil if your in the USA) around the nail and let it sit for about 20-30 mins and they should peel off with no trouble.

This is what the nails look like unpolished and after I've cut them down to size and filed them. 

And with a nude polish ( I apologize for my painting skills I am the worst nail painter ever , also there's a little bit of glue at the side but that's really east to get off.

So there you have it these nails cost £6.49 at full price from Superdrug and Boots and you get 100 nails and you can proberly get 5 or 6 different application out of them and they do come with glue , so that basically comes in at like £1.00 per wear which is so much more affordable then salons for if your on a budget. And they are full cover nails not just tips, they do these types of nails in the short square ( What I have here ) , active square and active oval.

I absolutely love these nails they look good , last a good amount of time and are so affordable if your passing these shops and are curious then just try them , you won't be disappointed .  

Thank you for reading and I will see you in my next post 
Byeeeee xx
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