♥ Bomb Cosmetics Haul ♥

I love these so much they smell amazing , i just happened to walk into the store that sold these , it's not an actual bomb cosmetic store just a shop that sold the products , anyway ever since then I've been in love they have a wide range of bath bombs and creamers. And like I said they smell amazing. ( Like I just died and went to bath bomb heaven) All Prices will be at the end and they can all be bought from the website by clicking here. Also I'll highlight the names of the product in case you want to refer to a specific product

First off i'm rubbish at describing scents. The One on the left is called Chocolate Kisses (£2.29) and the is a slight sweet vanilla chocolaty scent it's not over powering. And the other one is called Passionfruit Dream (£2.09) and as the name suggests is smells fruity but again not overpowering ( Now I don't know what passion fruit smells like)  but it does smell slightly fruity. Both of these are Bath Blasters. 

So the one on the left is called Baby Shower (£2.29) and is also a bath blaster and actually does smell of baby powder. But it just looks so cute with the bow on top. The one on the right is Pinky & Perky (£3.49) and it is a bath brulee.

How cute do these look though. On the left is called Summer Sun (£2.24) and the right one ( which is just so adorable I love it ) is called Miss FancyPants.(£2.24) And these are both bath mallows , I love all the names of these products.

These are Bath Creamers and I love how glittery they are so your bath will be nice and sparkly. The left one is called Dizzy Spell (£2.09) and the left one is Starry Eyed. (£2.09) and is super pretty ). 

 These are Whoopie Blasters the one on the left is called Raspberry Pav-Lover (£2.99) and the right is Bright Lights Big City (£2.99) , I Love the glittery bits on this one their so pretty.

And lastly we have soaps the one on the left is a soap slice that you just wash your body with and it's called Caiperina (£2.49)  and the website says it's made from " An exotic cocktail of Brazilian lime and grapefruit essential oils " and trust me it smells amazing and the one on the right is a soap cake and I can't find this one on the website but the closest one i found is called Raspberry Supreme.(£2.49).

Everything apart from the brulee and soaps you can just throw it into the bath water and watch it fizz , the soap is pretty self explanatory and the brulee you just put it into the water untill some melts from it then you take it out and put it back into it's packet and you can use it up to 6 times.

So there you have it I love everyone of these , bomb cosmetics do an amazing range of bath products if you have a look on their website you will want everything. Let me know if you get anything find me on twitter and instagram with @missjadehornby.
Thank you for reading and I will see you in my next post. Which is a glossybox haul.
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♥ Dupe Alert : Make Up Revolution V's Naked 3 ♥

 Hi my lovely beauty bugs. I have an exciting post for you today it is a dupe product for the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. Eeeek I'm so excited for you to see this post , first off I will let you judge for your self how similar you think the colour's are but personally I think they are really similar. Apart from a couple of shades that are slightly different. When I first heard about the dupe I was a bit skeptical to see how similar they could be , but I was pleasantly surprised.

*Firstly Look how beat up the second shade on the naked 3 is , i dropped it one day and i swear i almost died as it was my favourite shade.

* So this is the Make up Revolution Iconic 3 palette & The Urban Decay Naked 3
MUR cost £4 ( WHATTT ) and the Naked cost £38
Now I'm not bashing the Naked if you have the budget and can afford it , this is still an amazing palette the pigmentation is really good and with primer they last a really long time. But the MUR is a really good dupe if you don't have the budget to spend £38 on a palette or simply just don't want to. I highly recommend this palette.

So with these swatches on the left hand side is the naked palette and on the right is the MUR. The first and second group are pretty much identical and the last two are a bit different but still really similar.

So the same as above naked 3 on the left and MUR on the right. So first off with these colour's you can see that the naked 3 are more creamier looking and feeling. however the MUR colour's are really good and still very similar.

 As the others naked on the left MUR on the right. These shades are very similar apart from the third set which is slightly different.

So there you have it I do love both of these palettes and would definitely recommend either of these to anyone wanting to try these palettes. However I am a drugstore girl at heart and always will be so when my naked 3 palette wears down I will definitely repurchase the make up revolution one. And because the two are so similar in colour's and payoff  there isn't a whole lot of difference between them so i wouldn't pay £38 for a high end palette when you can get the same at the drugstore for £4 and it is still a really great product.

Thank You so much for reading , I hope you like it and I will see you in my next post.
Byeee xx
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♥ How I Clean My MakeUp Brushes ♥

Hii Beauty Bugs! So finally after putting it off for ages I cleaned all my make up brushes so I can show you how I do it. It's really quick , simple and cheap. Mainly it's the face brushes that take the longest to clean as they hold more product so I definitely wouldn't do this if you're in a hurry. Once you've done the face you can whiz through your eye brushes.  

*First just look how clean my sponge and foundation is. OMG I'm so bad I put it off and then I'm like right I've gotta do it.  Eeeekk!!

So  I just use baby shampoo because it's mild so it won't be too harsh on your brushes and bascially I just put some of it on the palm of my hand and wet the bristles ( you don't have to do this but I like to) and just wipe the brush in circular motions into the shampoo and repeat until no more make up comes off then just rinse the bristles under warm water ( not too hot) and gently squeeze off the excess water.

Then you want to lie them down flat ,don't store them upwards until they are completely dry as it can loosen the glue that holds the brush to the handle if water get's in it.

So that's it. It's super simple and is quick once you've done the face brushes. Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in my next post. Byeeeee xx
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