♥ Dupe Alert : Make Up Revolution V's Naked 3 ♥

 Hi my lovely beauty bugs. I have an exciting post for you today it is a dupe product for the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. Eeeek I'm so excited for you to see this post , first off I will let you judge for your self how similar you think the colour's are but personally I think they are really similar. Apart from a couple of shades that are slightly different. When I first heard about the dupe I was a bit skeptical to see how similar they could be , but I was pleasantly surprised.

*Firstly Look how beat up the second shade on the naked 3 is , i dropped it one day and i swear i almost died as it was my favourite shade.

* So this is the Make up Revolution Iconic 3 palette & The Urban Decay Naked 3
MUR cost £4 ( WHATTT ) and the Naked cost £38
Now I'm not bashing the Naked if you have the budget and can afford it , this is still an amazing palette the pigmentation is really good and with primer they last a really long time. But the MUR is a really good dupe if you don't have the budget to spend £38 on a palette or simply just don't want to. I highly recommend this palette.

So with these swatches on the left hand side is the naked palette and on the right is the MUR. The first and second group are pretty much identical and the last two are a bit different but still really similar.

So the same as above naked 3 on the left and MUR on the right. So first off with these colour's you can see that the naked 3 are more creamier looking and feeling. however the MUR colour's are really good and still very similar.

 As the others naked on the left MUR on the right. These shades are very similar apart from the third set which is slightly different.

So there you have it I do love both of these palettes and would definitely recommend either of these to anyone wanting to try these palettes. However I am a drugstore girl at heart and always will be so when my naked 3 palette wears down I will definitely repurchase the make up revolution one. And because the two are so similar in colour's and payoff  there isn't a whole lot of difference between them so i wouldn't pay £38 for a high end palette when you can get the same at the drugstore for £4 and it is still a really great product.

Thank You so much for reading , I hope you like it and I will see you in my next post.
Byeee xx
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