5:2 Diet Week 1. 1.5lbs Lost.

Hey My beauty bugs!! So i posted a blog post about me getting back to losing weight and working out etc. And I'll be totally honest i was just up and down up and down. But finally I'm getting back to it and going walking. I went this morning and I'll post a pic of the view further down in the post. And it's been working for me and i don't ever feel deprived. 

So What I've been doing is the 5:2 well it's not really a diet it is a way of life. So if you've never heard of it you eat pretty normally within reason and are allowed a couple treats if you so wish again in moderation, for 5 days and then for 2 days of your choice you only consume between 500-600 calories which are called fast days. 

Which sounds hard but trust me its not. Its very doable. Don't get me wrong they can be challenging but you can get through it hehe. I wont go too much into it because i bought the book which explains way more better than i could. I'll link that here. So the first week i just mainly concentrated on getting to grips with the fasting etc.. But today i went for a 70 minute walk. And it felt so good to go out walking because for so long i was doing the Leslie Sansone walk at home , and even though i love those i was just getting a little bored of it. So it was good to get outside and it is a woodland sort of place so it was good to pop my headphones in and go walking outside. Also i am going to do a fast day what i eat in that day so look out for that. 

* It was a little cooler today but when it's sunny it looks so pretty.

So thank you to anyone who reads this post and i will see you next time.
Byeee xx
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♥ What's In My May Glossybox ♥

Hi Beauty Bugs!! So this is so late but better late than never and it is a what's in my June glossy box. There's some good stuff in this month's. And I love the card that tells you about the product and how much it is to buy.
All prices and were to buy will be at the end.

First off can we just see how cute they pack them. (Confession: i already opened it and just did it similar to how it came , obviously the bow was much nicer when i first opened the box) 

This Is the Zerreau towel off shampoo foam. And this actually does work is basically a foam that you put into your hair if you haven't got time to wash it and rub it throughout your hair then towel off the excess. So it's similar to dry shampoo , now it's not as good as dry shampoo but it does freshen your hair up so your able to go out and it leaves your hair soft were dry shampoo can feel a little chalky on your hair. 

This is the Estre Belle Aloe Vera Ultra Moisturising Gel. And I haven't tried this yet but it does smell really nice. ( If You don't mind the smell of aloe) and looks as if it will be really soothing. 
The Description says: Prepping Your skin for summer has never been easier. For an instant rescue when skin needs a little TLC , this cooling gel hydrates by delivering moisture deep below the surface , in turn reviving your complexion. What's More , Aloe Vera makes for the perfect post sun soother.

This is the Sass Intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate. Which is a concentrate for the intimate area to help prevent ingrown hairs that you use after shaving/waxing. And you use massage two pumps into the skin. Description says: The Perfect Treat for your skin post-shave or wax. Sass's concentrate soothes the skin and reduces hair regrowth , while exfoliating ingredients including salicylic acid and fruit enzymes delicately exfoliate to ensure ingrown hair are a thing of the past. 
I Keep forgetting to use this but i will and let you know how i find it. 

So now on to the best bits. The Make Up! This is by Collection and is in the colour tulip 2 which is from the field day range. And as you can see from the swatch this colour is gorgeous. I love this shade and is so up my street. Collection lipsticks are quite creamy and are not drying on the lips. Also this is only £2.99,such a bargain.

 And Lastly this is the MeMeMe Enchanted Eyes Duel Ended Eye Wand. And I love the colour for a pop of colour under the lower lash line or as a base under a blue eyeshadow. It glides on easily and feel quite smooth and is blendable.

  • Prices: Towel off Shampoo is £3.99 for 70Ml Or £7.95 for 180ML http://festival-shower-survival-kit.co.uk/shop/
  • Moisturising Gel:£15.93 http://www.etre-belle.co/product_info.php?info=p102_aloe-vera-ultra-moisturizing-gel.html
  • SASS Intimate : £12 http://www.boots.com/en/SASS-Intimate-Perfect-Skin-Concentrate-100ml_1678672/
  • Collection Lipstick : £2.99 http://www.superdrug.com/search?text=field+day
  • MeMeME Eye Wand:£6.95 http://www.mememecosmetics.com/enchanted-eyes

Thank You So Much For Reading And I'll See You In My Next Post.
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