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Hii Beauty Bugs. So Autumn/fall is here,and i thought it would be the perfect time to get back into writing posts. As I have been a bit slack lately ( Sorrryyyy) , I found this tag on Jaclyn Hills channel. So let's get into it.

 Favorite Candle: The candle i have been really loving at the minute is called vanilla sugar and its from Matalan in the UK and it smells AMAZING plus it is only £3 and its quite a big jar for that price so its a total bargain.  It's just your basic vanilla sugar so you'll be able to get this no matter were you live in the world. I just love the sweet scents all year round.

Favorite Lip Colour: When the colder months start rolling around i love to break out this lip colour. It's a gorgeous wine red from make up academy and it's shade 1 and again total bargain at only £1. I'll put a picture down below.

Favorite Drink: I love hot chocolate in autumn/winter i tried the pumpkin spice latte but i didn't really like it so back to my trustee hot chocolate. my favorite is the signature hot chocolate from Starbucks. if you haven't tried it then seriously please do you will love it, I absolutely loved the salted caramel one when it came out the other year and it was only there for that one year here in the UK . I was pretty upset when i waled into Starbucks last year and it wasn't there anymore hehe. 

Favorite Blush. Now this is a easy question because i legit were the same blushes all year round , so at the minute I've been really loving a terracotta colour blush. As i find it's a lot more flattering then pink.

Favorite Clothing Item: So i much prefer the cold winter days then summer. I hate being too warm and the winter fashion is so much nicer. So when it starts becoming cooler i reach for my boots tucked into skinny jeggins. I love it. 

 Favorite Fall/Autumn Movie: Like everybody it has to be Hocus Pocus and The Witches which is the film version of the book by Roald Dahl. I watched it for the first time this year and loved it so i'm waiting till it gets closer to Halloween to watch it again. 

 Favorite Fall/Autumn Tv Show: So strictly come dancing or dancing with the stars for the US and that always comes back on tv about this time so i love watching that.

Favorite thanksgiving Food: Now we don't have thanksgiving in the UK but i love turkey at christmas so if we did have thanksgiving it would be turkey.

Favorite Halloween Costume: Now I've not dressed up for Halloween for years but this year just for fun i'll be dressing up as a vampire from the vampire diaries complete with the under eye veins that happens when they smell or taste blood. if you've watched the show then you know what i mean. And i might do a post on it so stay tuned for that.

So there you have it i hope you liked this and i promise I wont leave it so long next time and leave me your fall/autumn favorites in the comments. 


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