Affordable False Lashes

Hii beauty bugs!!!  So this is a pretty quick post i just wanted to share with you the false eyelashes that i am really loving at the minute , and ill probably be in love with them for a good while yet. So i don't wear lashes all the time but when i do these are amazing because you get a pack of 10 for wait for it..... £1.04 WHATTTT that's incredibly affordable. They are really lightweight too so you can barely tell that you have them on and are that balance of natural and dramatic. 

You can find them HERE 

* What they look like in the packet. Also you can reuse them if you put your mascara on first them the lashes and then peel the lash glue off before you put new glue on and then they last for a while. I used one pair like 5 times and they were still looking as new as when I'd put them on. Also having a proper case for them to keep dust off will make them last longer too , they don't come with glue though so you'll need that. 

* What they look like on 

So thank you for reading , i hope you like this and defiantly go and get you some of these because they are such a bargain i mean if you go into your beauty shops they can be £5/£6 just for one pair, So they are definitely worth it

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♥ Make up Academy Whipped Velvet Vs Make Up Revolution Velvet Lacquer ♥

Hi Beauty Bugs!! So today's post is a battle of the lip lacquers, with make up academy's whipped velvet lips ( which are to die for) and make up revolution's salvation velvet  lacquer. Both are a superdrug only brand and are both £3 each so they are super affordable. 

 *L-R Make up revolution in keep crying for you , what i believe and velvet vamp. Make up academy in spry,ritzy and chi chi. 

**Before i get into it both of these are great products and i'm in no way saying that one is bad, it's just one brand doesn't work for me as well as the other.  

These are the make up revolution lip lacquer's , now these are the one that don't really work for me and it's such a shame because the colours are really pretty and velvet vamp is a gorgeous fall/winter colour.  And keep crying for you is a really nice barbie pink shade. 

So for me when i apply them it goes on fine then when they dry and they do dry really matte, and then when you rub your lips together even softly you can feel it all dry and it kind of feels flaky a little its hard to explain what i mean it doesn't look flaky but that's how it feels.  I just don't like lip products that are really matte that's just my personal preference. If you can wear matte products then do give these a try you will really love them. But for me and i'm sure there are more people like me they just drive me mad when its really matte. 

These are make up academy's whipped velvet and for me these are really nice they dry matte but not totally matte like the one's from MUR its more like a creamy matte. Spry is my favorite out of these 3 as you can see it's a really pretty nude-brown shade. And it's more of a glossy look on the lips rather than a matte look,So if your like me and prefer creamy mattes then you will love these a lot more.  

Like i said all of these are really great products it just depends on what you prefer. All of these you can find in a superdrug store and online which i will link down below,superdrug website doesn't have all of the colours that they have in store. Normally they do so i'll link the make up revolution site as well in case you want different colours.

* Make Up Revolution Salvation Velvet Lacquer:

* Make up Revolution On Superdrug Website: 

* Make Up Academy Whipped Velvet lips On Superdrug:

Thanks for reading and i hope you found this helpful , i will see you in my next post.

Byeee xx
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