Review: Make up revolution amazing volume mascara

Hii Beauty Bugs!! sorry for the missing post last week my computer was playing up and then it was Christmas which i hope that everyone reading this had a wonderful Christmas , but i am back now with a review of make up revolution's amazing volume mascara. 

So this is the mascara normally it has the name on the front but it's rubbed off as i have had it a couple of months. Make up revolution is a superdrug only brand so can only be purchased at their store or online , although they do have a website of their own that you can buy from. This mascara is £2.00 which is an amazing price because most drugstore mascaras are around £7-£10. 

This is what the mascara claims to do:  "Amazing Volume mascara magnifies your lashes to give amazing volume effect without any clumping! Revolutionary volume brush allows for full coats separating the lashes root to tip for maximum volume "

The first thing is that the mascara itself is actually quite good , it does give quite a bit of volume it's not amazing but it is really good. The thing i really dislike about this is the packaging not how it looks but the inside packaging , it's hard to explain but when you take the brush out of the tube the gap were the brush comes out of is way to big. 

Every time you pull it out you get a whole load of mascara on the wand that isn't needed so then the lashes get clumpy and stick together and it's just a nightmare so i have to wipe all the excess off first. But if the packaging was smaller and wouldn't let as much product out then this mascara would actually be amazing. At first i thought i had got a faulty one but i ordered two at the same time and they both did the same thing.

So there you have it i don't think i have missed anything but if i have I'll add it in , I'll also link superdrug and make up revolution websites in case you want to have a look at them. 

See you in my next post
Jade xx

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Christmas Bomb Cosmetics Haul

Hii Beauty Bugs!!  I've been so excited to write this post as it's another bomb cosmetics haul but this time as you can see from the title ( Duhh) it's some of theiChristmas treats , If you don't know who bomb cosmetics are then your definitely missing out they are in my opinion the best bath and body company ever. 
I went and spent £28 on all this and it's money well spent ,the price varies for each bath bomb and creamers etc ranging from £2.09 - £2.99. I'll link their site at the end of this post for if you want to check the collection out and you definitely should their amazing. 

  *First off can we just take a moment to admire how cute the packaging is instead of just having  a plain colour they've put so much detail into even the littlest of things. 

These two are blasters which you just pop into warm water , I love that sound they make when they start fizzing. The one on the left is called Let It Snow and is made from pure peppermint & amyris oils and it does smell so nice , kind of like a candy cane but its not overpowering though it's enough that you can smell it but no so it gives you a headache. And the cute little man on the right is Chilly Willy and i actually used this the other night it has a light cinnamon scent which when your sat in the bath just smells lovely. They both cost £2.29

On the left ad you can see from the shape is called Oh Xmas Tree and has the scent of grapefruit and cinnamon so it's got the christmas-y spicy but fresh scent and I love the glitter on both of these. And then we have Ginger which as you'll have probably guessed smells like a gingerbread ( it has ginger , spicy clove and cardamom ) and very christmas appropriate.  Again these are £2.29

How cute is the one on the left and is called Too Cool For Yule now this is a cocoa swirls which is made from natural butters which is actually quite bigger than what it looks on the picture , because you can use it up to 4 times you put it in the bath and allow some of it to melt then take it out to use again and has a cinnamon and sandalwood scent. And the other is called Gingerbread Trees and is a bath blaster and it smells of cinnamon and ginger so it just smells like the epitome of christmas its amazing. The cocoa swirl is £2.99 and the blaster is £2.29

On the left is Happy Beak and how cute are both of these I love them , they are mallows so like the coca swirl but smaller and you don't have to take it out and they leave your skin so soft afterwards , anyway back to happy beak he has myrrh and mandarin essential oils and a snowberry cupcake fragrance which I'm not sure what snowberry is but it smells great and has that balance of fresh and sweet. Then we have Ginger Love and he has a sweet gingerbread with pure black pepper and a sweet orange scent and it does smell so nice and they are both £2.24. 

On the left we have Snowdrift that has the scent of warming frankincense and ginger oils and its a soft fragrance but it does just remind your of snow if you see it in person , because it's not glitter that it's covered in it's just like snow. Then we have the Little Gingerbread man which is made from a blend of ginger and myrrh essential oils and the cute little ginger man on the top just make the whole thing. They both are creamers so you just pop them in your bath and let them melt and fizz away as they have cocoa butters in them so they infuse in the water and leave your skin feeling super soft and they are both £2.09. 

And lastly we have Glitterballs and I'm not too sure how to explain what it smells like so the website says , Rich Christmas scents fragrance the air, carols fill the air whilst cocoa and Shea butter, pure ylang ylang and patchouli oils dance tenderly with your skin and soul. And the other is one of my favourites and is called Proof In The Pudding , and has the scent of cinnamon and sweet orange so i love the smell of this one and all the glitter on it  just screams me and again they are both £2.09

Now i hope you enjoyed this post I've tried a couple of these already and love them the so if you love bath bombs etc then definitely check the site out they just have so many amazing products like candles and soaps so there is pretty much something for everyone. 

Bomb Cosmetics Website: 

Thank you for reading and see you in my next post 


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