Review: Make up revolution amazing volume mascara

Hii Beauty Bugs!! sorry for the missing post last week my computer was playing up and then it was Christmas which i hope that everyone reading this had a wonderful Christmas , but i am back now with a review of make up revolution's amazing volume mascara. 

So this is the mascara normally it has the name on the front but it's rubbed off as i have had it a couple of months. Make up revolution is a superdrug only brand so can only be purchased at their store or online , although they do have a website of their own that you can buy from. This mascara is £2.00 which is an amazing price because most drugstore mascaras are around £7-£10. 

This is what the mascara claims to do:  "Amazing Volume mascara magnifies your lashes to give amazing volume effect without any clumping! Revolutionary volume brush allows for full coats separating the lashes root to tip for maximum volume "

The first thing is that the mascara itself is actually quite good , it does give quite a bit of volume it's not amazing but it is really good. The thing i really dislike about this is the packaging not how it looks but the inside packaging , it's hard to explain but when you take the brush out of the tube the gap were the brush comes out of is way to big. 

Every time you pull it out you get a whole load of mascara on the wand that isn't needed so then the lashes get clumpy and stick together and it's just a nightmare so i have to wipe all the excess off first. But if the packaging was smaller and wouldn't let as much product out then this mascara would actually be amazing. At first i thought i had got a faulty one but i ordered two at the same time and they both did the same thing.

So there you have it i don't think i have missed anything but if i have I'll add it in , I'll also link superdrug and make up revolution websites in case you want to have a look at them. 

See you in my next post
Jade xx

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