Updated DIY Lip Treatment

Hey Beauty Bugs!!! So this is a really easy and quick treatment to do and it's using things that are already in your home. 

So all you do is just apply some water to the lips so that your not rubbing the toothbrush on dry lips and then in circular motions scrub your lips for about 10 seconds just to prep the lips for the olive oil. 

Then apply the olive oil to the lips as if you were applying lip balm when you have a generous coat of oil on your lips , scrub your lips again the same way you just did and don't be too rough because you don't want to scrub them red raw. And you want to scrub them for about 1-2 minutes. ( That's roughly how much i scrub them for but obviously if your lips are getting sore then stop).

So that was hardly worth writing a post about but omg it really does work even just using the toothbrush on its own , but when you add the olive oil it's just so moisturizing and leaves my lips feeling baby soft. 

Thank you for reading and i will catch you in my next post.
Jade xx 

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