L'Oreal Paris Infallible Lip Gloss

Good Afternoon beauty bugs i am back with a product review on the  infallible lip glosses , *spoiler alert* i really love the 2 nude colours they are so pretty and incredibly shiny , the light just bounces off them and makes them look even more shiny which i love but without being sticky. 

There will be swatches and a video swatch too so i hope you enjoy. P.s the price is £6.99 in superdrug and boots and if you do want to buy them the colour on the sites look completely different then in person , so whether they've either put the wrong label on the ones i have or just the online colours don't look the same as in person so i would recommend going into a store to check them out.

How amazing do these look :) 

 So first off before we get into the best bits aka the swatches just want to show you the wand , I've never really saw a wand like this but its really nice there's like a small pool in the middle were it holds just the right amount of product , and the wand is very flexible too to get into every corner of the lips. 

What L'Oreal say:

The formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid and shine colour pigments, leaving lips hydrated lips with a high level of shine for a glossy look, without stickiness.
The lip shaper applicator contours and hugs lips for a perfect pout, all day.

Do i agree: 

I would say they are pretty hydrating they do leave the lips soft but there not a lip balm so doesn't leave them really soft but it's still a nice feel to the lips. 

100% agree they have a high level of shine their so shiny their almost sparkling bit i like that and they are not really sticky like most glosses. 

The applicator does get in all the corners of the lips but as for all day i don't agree with that they last a good amount of time but they don't last all day , the red does come off a little in the centre after eating but it's not obvious. 

Now were up to the good bit so from left to right is 505 (never let me go) ,   507 (resist me), 208 (Flash dance)  and 407 (Smoke me up) 

I love these 4 colours i love the nude shades for every day but i love the darker shades as well , i just love them all and definitely need more shades as there is soooo many colours to collect. 

505: Is a really subtle pink it's really natural and almost i hate to say it but "your lips but better" , it's a nice wash off pink across the lips but not in your face barbie pink. 

507: is still in the natural group is a light nude-y  brown  such a pretty colour you can just throw it on and know it looks great. The 505 & 507 are xtreme resist so they do last a bit longer then the other two , 208 is a dazzle so is super shiny and the red is a matte.

208: Is a dark plum shade and as it's a dazzle it's so shiny there all pretty shiny and reflect the light but this shade is more shinier than the rest and i love it. Its a perfect autumn/winter colour but there's no rules so rock it anytime of the year.

407: and lastly the matte red shade this isn't like any other matte shade I've came across because when you hear matte you automatically think of something really drying but this is amazing it almost feels like velvet and even though it looks matte on the lips when it dries it still feels hydrating and leaves the lips soft and not really dry. 
The only thing i will say about this is that you probably will need a lip liner with it as it can slightly feather outside the lips and also if you sometimes don't stay in the lines as i definitely don't have the steadiest hand then just having that lip liner will help alot. 

So i hope that wasn't to long of a post i just didn't want to leave anything out , like i said they are £6.99 in superdrug and boots ,There's so many more colours i want to and would absolutely recommend these glosses to anyone.

So if I've left anything out please do let me know.

Thank You for reading 

Jade xx
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