Review on Tanya Burr Cosmetics: The Soft Luxe Collection Eyeshadow Palette's

Hi Beauties.

So after what seems like forever Tanya has finally came out with some new products for her collection (Woohoo). And the soft luxe collection is by far my favourite yet, the collection consists of :

  • 2 Neutral Eye shadow palettes
  • 3 Matte Lip glosses  
  • 3 Matte Nail Polishes

I only have the eye shadows so far but i really want the matte glosses too , but I'm just waiting for them to come into my local superdrug so i can pick them off the shelf, The shades are a range of soft pastel colours.

 So these are the packaging and i have to say how cute are they, birthday suit is just that gorgeous copper colour that i find myself always being drawn too.  

Next we have the shadows in the palettes and as you can see they are very natural, you can go for a soft smokey look with these or you can go a little more dramatic but they will still be soft and natural. If you have Tanya's other palettes then you will know they are more dramatic and a little more bolder than these.

I have played around a little with them both and i just absolutely love them the colours are gorgeous there are 2 shimmers and 2 mattes in each palette and the shadows themselves are soft and buttery.

They are very long lasting with primer and i can only go off what they're like with primer as i have oily eyelids, so if i don't use primer shadows will just crease within like 40 minutes but with primer they do last all day.

So now we're up to the best bit the SWATCHES so first we have enchanted dream which has the more cooler tones. 

So 1. is Moonlit Walk which is a light copper colour not orange-y and not as light as a champagne colour it's right bang in the middle of both but it's a very pretty colour and it's also a shimmer.

2. Cocoa Plum which is a shimmery soft bronze/brown colour. 

3. Berry Souffle which as the name suggests is a soft matte plum perfect for a crease/transition shade, but it's not overly purple it has a slight brown hint to it as well.  

4. And lastly we have Magic Carpet which is a matte dark brown shade.

Birthday Suit is the warmer palette and my personal favourite Tanya has definitely out done herself with these palettes they're just both so pretty. 

1. Marzipan which is a shimmery nude pink/champagne-y colour and is so pretty.

2. Toast which is a matte light brown again perfect for a crease colour.

3. Cocoa Sugar which is my favourite out of the two palettes , it is a shimmery light brown but dark enough to show up and be able to build intensity up if you wish. If you think of brown sugar that is what this shade resembles. I Love It.

4. Soft Truffle which is a soft matte brown and not as dark as the brown in enchanted dream. 

Last Points to add: 

  • All the shades are really easily blendable  
  • Very Pigmented and soft
  • The names of the colours are amazing
  • Each palette is £5.99 
  • Also for the price of them they are amazing quality because some more affordable palettes have a nice price tag but the quality is not that great. 

You can but this collection at Superdrug or Feel Unique the palettes are £5.99 , glosses are £5.99 and nail polishes are £4.99 

So i think that is everything i hope you enjoyed this post and i definitely recommend these palettes and if Tanya is reading she probably isn't but if she is , then i just want to say well done to you and your team who worked on this collection the shadows are amazing and i am looking forward to getting the matte glosses too.

Thank you for reading.
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